20 Latest Web Design Trends For 2023

Danish agency B14 uses the hero section of its homepage to simply describe its mission statement, for example. It’s a modern, uncluttered approach to presenting information that provides a stark contrast to its portfolio section, which uses cinemagraphs, hover animations, and an animated cursor effect. Cinemagraphs — high-quality videos or GIFs that run on a smooth, continuous loop — have become a popular way to add movement and visual interest to otherwise static pages. More and more companies are using big, bold typography with a retro feel to headline their homepages. This style works best for a short word, with the rest of the page kept minimal and clean.

With more people working from home and shopping from home, eCommerce sites and retargeting ads are more prevalent than ever, creating a need for better product photography. Many sites now show their products in 3D, allowing customers to view items from any angle. This all falls under the umbrella of higher quality marketing – a must for brands that want to stay competitive and appeal to audience expectations. We’ve walked through the top e-commerce web design trends and put together some impressive website examples for you. Of course, a site’s aesthetics are not the only condition for converting users, but they act as a bridge to attract clients and should prevent them from feeling the need to leave your site.

Engaging Interactives

Fast access and being able to display optimally across all devices are of course also on every web designer’s to-do list this year. Ecommerce brand Donni uses negative space and a minimalist color palette to make their product images—and calls to action—pop. Make customer delight the driving force behind your design trend decisions. Speak to your customers before and after you make any big design decisions to ensure those website changes solve their problems and create an optimal user experience . Over the past few years, vintage aesthetics have been taking over the design world, so it came as no surprise to see ‘retro revolution’ sitting on this trends list. Neumorphism graphic design has emerged from the foundation of web 2.0 skeuomorphism design and flat design.

Beautiful pages that take forever to load may not perform well in the search engine results pages because of this. Plus, according to Google, bounce rates increase by 32% if a page takes three seconds to load instead of one. It doesn’t matter how great your site design is if people aren’t sticking around to see it.

Web Design Trends

If you really want to use lines in your layout, you can use a combination of lines and organic shapes like Slice of Machine Learning. We are not disregarding the stable and harmonized nature of symmetrical layouts. But an asymmetrical layout is likely to have a more dynamic and interesting impact on the visitors, and so it helps you stand out better. Smart home ownership nearing 50% of U.S. adults with voice assistant control becoming more popular. Data collection is part of business intelligence and, thus, a required part of business operations.

Latest Web Design Trends & Forecasts For 2022

Chatbots can now be communicated with using voice commands, and virtual assistants will continue to pop up on websites and mobile apps in the near future. Using voice UI and touchless interactions makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and reduces the number of steps to reach the desired result. To gain their attention, it is crucial that the websites they visit should be visually exceptional. The digital experience and user expectations change every day; some trends become outdated, others get stronger, and new ones emerge. Designers and entrepreneurs should consider recent trends and incorporate them into their designs as a means to stand out from the crowd.

Web Design Trends

3D has been used on different websites for a long time and is of great interest. The use of three-dimensional graphics will help make a site fashionable and exciting, and users will want to get a better look at the images. That means they will spend more time on your resource, ultimately improving its position in the search results. Another modern web design trend is the dark mode in contrast with low lights. This trend is significant, gravitating away from the past few years’ traditional white and bright designs. Bad websites are the ones that don’t incorporate these website design trends regularly or adequately.

One of the most important developments in this context is the transition from clicking to scrolling. However, design concepts such as parallax or infinite scrolling continue to enjoy great popularity and will, therefore, remain in trend in 2022. They use horizontal scrolling on their product pages to include several different photos of their pieces. To make the scrolling experience more intuitive, they’ve put a horizontal bar at the bottom of their pages to guide users in their journey.

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Here’s the top web design trends for 2022, plus tips for building a sleek, eye-catching website. Text that slightly overlaps accompanying images has become a popular effect for blogs and portfolios. Freelance art director and front-end developer Thibault Pailloux makes their overlapping text stand out with a colorful underline beneath each title. Whimsical patterns and shapes are popping up more frequently on websites, adding some flair in a landscape otherwise ruled by flat and material design.

  • This trend is significant, gravitating away from the past few years’ traditional white and bright designs.
  • Our experts created Igor’s new website design to encourage users to scroll or click through the page layouts to see Igor’s service lines.
  • We’ve walked through the top e-commerce web design trends and put together some impressive website examples for you.
  • The next step after the sitemap is to create a wireframe, which is a detailed, black-and-white page plan for the site.
  • This can be demonstrated by the example of the 10-second rule, which reflects the time it takes for your resource to gain a visitor’s attention.

The traits of bare-bones brutalism include default fonts, plain colors, asymmetry, and a lack of order and hierarchy. Fewer hamburger menus, more simple lists — you can see the concept on display in the Lauren Manoogian digital shop. Visible grid designs provide a transparent, retro look that gives the viewer immediate insight into how the designer meant the page to be organized. The benefits include easy-to-navigate sections and control over where the viewer’s attention is directed.

One of the most vibrant and commonly seen web design trends includes 3d colour scheming, which has a slight gradient and shading in the background. Also, this effect occurs when the user starts scrolling down a page, with the background images that change at a slow pace. It makes the foreground image appear floating on top of the background, providing an in-depth view. This section will list and mention the top 7 appealing web design trends for the year 2022. Web design in 2022 emphasizes visual individuality and entertainment to counteract the coronavirus blues.

Kendra Pembroke, a Visual Designer at Red Ventures, said “I see a lot of gradients, especially monochromatic ones, which give a sense of depth and visual interest without being too distracting.” Gradients have been all over the web for the past few years, and are still very common in 2022. This year, many website background are gradients that are both monochromatic and pastel. The psychedelic-looking headline matches the retro interior of the restaurant as seen in the image on the right.

Kinetic or moving typography will be widely used in websites to convey information in a delightful way. Apart from being an attention grabbing element, it can be used to convey information incrementally. In 2023, moving text will be used as a functional design element instead of ornamental. Budu Sushi is an Asian restaurant in Odesa, Ukraine, whose owners had a problem with an offline enterprise that generated no income.

But at the same time, we’ve seen designers rethink design norms and principles, and push others to follow suit. In tandem, these two developments represent Web Design Trends the future of web design in 2022 and beyond. Nestor Gilbert is a senior B2B and SaaS analyst and a core contributor at FinancesOnline for over 5 years.

Top 7 Web Design Trends For 2022

Choosing a font helps set the tone for what the audience expects from the website, so it’s important to strike the right balance between size and scale. Using a split-screen layout can also be counted as part of the “broken grid” movement, but this is an oversimplification. https://globalcloudteam.com/ Split screens mean that two, usually equal halves of a page, can display different things but normally related to or caused by each other. A classic case of split-screen layout means the menus are on one side and the information on the left.

Web Design Trends

For 2022, web designers are looking to get a little more real with layouts that reveal their foundation through simple borders and frames. Overlap visual designs, floating elements, bigger typography, and layers. Experiment to convey your ideas with maximum freedom, without limitation, and without overwhelming website visitors. American Scraps, Cuban Council, New York Moon, are great examples of giving bold retro fonts a cool and modern spin, mixing contemporary images with traditional elements.

Asymmetric Layouts

SEO pundits often say that auto-playing videos when a website loads is detrimental to your dwell time, but 2020 might have changed that. Undoubtedly, scrolling has its benefits, but you should do without it on the home page, leaving it only in the content section . A successful website in 2022 needs to have a well-thought-out lead generation form that grows your list of customers. People respond better to visual content than to words and numbers.

This causes a delay, accurately a negative delay in visitors’ response to your call-to-action buttons. Maintaining a reasonable white space, allows the visitors to take the moment in decision-making. Gradients are a trend continuing from 2021 into 2023, and designers will likely continue exploring the depths to which they can take design with gradients. And because gradients cover a range of colors, they’re perfect for targeting a broad audience. And they use white space to find the most important information on pages, so knowing how to use white space on your website will help improve your site’s user experience . One version of paralax scrolling allows you to expose more of the site each time you scroll — like the site is telling a story.

With the focus on micro-interactions, that same experience might be given more attention to stand out. Imagine a gradient slowly shifting hues as you scroll down a page, or a pop of color exploding from your mouse after you click an element. These are prime examples of elevated micro-interactions that you’ll see more often. Fortunately, our award-winning web design agency keeps up with all the latest website design trends to create highly functional, easy-to-use websites that perform well and look fantastic.

Designs should match the user group and auto-adjust their content accordingly. We encourage you to explore bluecompass.com for more modern website inspiration! Our Iowa web design and development team created an engaging and functional design that incorporates many of the latest web design trends.

There’s a lot of variety in the use of style and artistry of retro fonts. From cliche and trope to bold and beautiful, retro fonts can add spice to any website’s layout. Staying on top of the latest web design trends is a sure-fire way for web designers to ensure they’re prepared to capture the fleeting attention of the online masses among the huge competition. To sum it up, 2021—and the years after—will turn to user experience more than anything. Trends will come and go, but what remains is the fact that websites are primarily targeted at consumers.

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