API Testing: The Ultimate Beginners Guide revised 2022

Security testing also includes additional steps such as validation of encryption methodologies, and of the design of the API access control. It also includes user rights management and authorization validation. UI testing is defined as a test of the user interface for the API and other integral parts. UI testing focuses more on the interface which ties into the API rather than the API testing itself. Although UI testing is not a specific test of API in terms of codebase, this technique still provides an overview of the health, usability, and efficiency of the app’s front and back ends.

Moreover, it depicts how REST Assured API testing simplifies the process to test and validate RestAPI without any complexities. For most of cases, you won’t need to perform assertions by accessing response object directly. All assretions are performed under hood inside JSONResponse module. It is recommended to keep it that way, to keep tests readable and make test log to contain all assertions.

GET– The GET method is used to extract information from the given server using a given URI. While using GET request, it should only extract data and should have no other effect on the data. She has sound testing knowledge in Rest API testing, Web & Mobile App (Android & iOS) testing, GUI, Functional, Integration, System, Ad-hoc, Usability, Data Base, Smoke, Regression and Retesting. In her quality testing career, she has learned alot about Selenium IDE, WebDriver and OATS automation Testing Tools. She is also well versed in programming C, SQL, Core Java, JavaScript and Python. Here, resources are created on the server and hence, the changes are done to the server.

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How to Test Express APIs With Jest.

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Organizing your tests with the same structures will make your test reusable and extendable with integration flow. Knowing the purpose of the API will set a firm foundation for you to well prepare your API testing data for input and output. The request method takes two arguments, the first is the HTTP method and the second is a string. The string parameter is used to specify the parameters that are to be sent with the base URI.

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Mobile Testing Click-and-run cloud environments for native apps and mobile browsers. Desktop Testing Test across desktop, web and mobile in a single project. Visual Testing Improving flaky pixel visual UI comparisons with AI methods.

  • Basic positive tests—also known as happy paths, these tests check the API’s acceptance criteria and basic functionality.
  • As the services follow the idea of statelessness, it is not possible to maintain sessions.
  • Ensure that all API responses are tracked and saved for posterity.
  • Rest stands for Representational State Transfer and is an architectural style for communication with web services.
  • There are also built-in libraries to support comparing data using these data formats.

This method is suitable for a simple response with static contents. Dynamic information such as date time, increasing ID, etc. will cause trouble in the assertion. Does the tool support test the API/Web service types that your AUT is using? It will not make sense if the selected tool supports testing RESTful services while your AUT is using SOAP services. APIs in the same category share some common information such as resource type, path, etc.

Best Practices forREST API Testing

// Get the RequestSpecification of the request to be sent to the server. Click on the GET method in the above store to access the pet inventory. When we click and execute the GET method, we get the following response. However, in this tutorial, we will only concentrate on automated REST API testing. For testing the CRUD commands, we are going to use the information which is present in the above mention API contract.

Along with that, we will also discuss the basics of REST API testing briefly in this chapter. This chapter assumes that the reader has good knowledge of the TestNG Framework. Postman Workspaces acts as a common working area where you can group your API projects together and use API builder to define APIs or generate API elements. So they are helpful in organizing your API work better and collaborating with your teammates as well. You can use Postman by either downloading & installing their application or use their web version.

Developers and testers commonly delete the API responses from tests. However, all responses should be retained for posterity, so they can be used as benchmarks for the functioning of each iteration. If a future change to the API causes an error, the record of API responses will allow developers or testers to investigate the error and compare it to previous iterations.

Read Operation Performed Using the GET or get() Method.

The same step as above but with a larger amount of test data. Interoperability testing – Checking conformance to Web Services Interoperability api testing best practices profiles. Enables runtime error detection, advanced REST and gRPC API scans, and OWASP vulnerability detection.

How is REST API testing performed

Selecting the right test data strategy is vital when embarking on your API Testing journey. Tools like iData can help automate the process of data creation or obfuscation and are applicable for all types of software testing. Once the testing process is completed, you can get the result of those tests every day. If failed tests occur, you can check the outputs and validate issues to have proper solutions. For those responses in JSON or XML format, it is easy to get the value of a given key or attribute.

Representational State Transfer is a software architectural style that defines certain rules . For example, a REST constraint states that a web application must be able to deliver data whenever a command is given. It has rich API to validate JSON by the schema defined using JavaScript. Or per test with headers or special methods like I.amBearerAuthenticated. Become a part of the world’s largest community of API practitioners and enthusiasts. Share your insights on the blog, speak at an event or exhibit at our conferences and create new business relationships with decision makers and top influencers responsible for API solutions.

The Definitive API Testing Tutorial for Beginners

It can also help reduce costs, because applying fixes later during development may be more difficult and time consuming, accumulating more costs. The objective of REST Assured is to simplify the process to test and validate RestAPI. The Rest Assured is a Java-based library used to validate HTTP responses received from the server. For example, we can verify the Status Code, Status Message, Headers and the Body of the response. This flexibility of the REST Assured library can be used for API testing.

How is REST API testing performed

As APIs are designed for communication between software systems they do not provide a user interface that is suitable for manual functional testing directly. API Testing is very different to User Interface in that it necessitates the use of an API testing tool or a software solution that is written in code in order to exercise API function. Apart from testing API Functionality, there is also Non-functional API Testing. Non-functional testing would include load testing, performance testing and more specialist areas such as security testing, fuzz testing and compliance testing. These aim to explore the reliability, performance and security of an API rather than its functionality reliability issues.

What is REST testing?

With the exception of the terms of the output they produce, PUT and POST operations are relatively similar. POST operation responses are not cacheable, but PUT operation responses are idempotent, thus you can cache the response. If you retry the request N times, the server will create N resources with N different URIs. GraphQL testing is performed against an HTTP based API endpoint where the POST Request body contains a JSON structure that describes the content required in the Response. SOAP API testing is testing performed on an HTTP based API endpoint with a particular set of HTTP headers and a specific XML data structure, called a SOAP envelope.

How is REST API testing performed

React Native Development Make the end-users feel the performance of a truly native app developed by our team of highly skilled professionals. OTT Testing The user experience and streaming consistency decide your products and services, so reliable delivery of content is fundamental. Codoid guarantees your product and services are ready to take on the world with our top-notch OTT testing. Tests should always be designed to reflect real-world conditions as closely as possible.

Things To Do Before Your API Launch

As a leading manual testing services provider, we have often used Postman for our manual testing projects. But Postman can also be used for automation testing with the help of Test scripts. In this day and age, cybercriminals are always trying to attack businesses and organizations through their applications and services. As such, all APIs must be checked for security flaws and exploits.

Refer Spring Boot Rest Assured Example to understand how to extract and validate the response. PUT is idempotent meaning, invoking it any number of times will not have an impact on resources. Perform stress testing on the system through a series of API load tests. API changes are less frequent – often API definitions files like OpenAPI Spec can help make refactoring tests that only take few seconds. In this testing, the APIs and the integrations they enable are tested.

REST API Testing Set-Up

It is a good option to have as both offer great performance. The postman console helps to track what data is being retrieved makes it possible to effectively debug the tests. As Postman makes it easy to create environments, you can design multiple environments and reduce the replication of tests as you’ll be able to use the same collection for a different setting. They are generally used to point to a specific resource within a collection in the same way how a user is identified by ID. POST – As the name suggests, a POST request is used to send data to the server.

Besides relying on all components to be present, API testing may also depend on external elements to progress, such as 3rd party services, legacy systems, servers, and so on. Even internet connectivity can be considered as a dependency, especially if the developer is in an area where internet outages are common. These external dependencies should also be done away with for a faster and more efficient testing procedure. Web UI testing – Performed as part of end-to-end integration tests that also cover APIs, enables teams to validate GUI items in the context of the larger transaction. Functional testing – Testing the functionality of broader scenarios, often using unit tests as building blocks for end-to-end tests.

REST API testing, and implement validation of API responses. They can also form part of more complex business processes, as a sequential series of API calls, typically part of Integration Testing. API testing is also often performed alongside https://globalcloudteam.com/ Graphical User Interface to provide test data for GUI testing or to wider business logic, beyond just the API functions themselves. Data input and output follow some specific templates or models so that you can create test scripts only once.

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